Prices for astrology programs

Before purchasing an astrology program, you should get much more familiar with it. You can read the description, watch video, pictures and other resources by downloading them here. A lot of astrology programs included into Galaxy-Milky Way astrological complex can be downloaded free here.

The questions may arise from studying. Feel free and ask me. Please, do not "catch a black cat in a dark room". Who can know better these programs if not me. You'll get help quickly and correctly on a particular resource instead of turning a lot of pages and files. Only then you'll be confident if you really need this type of astrology software or not. Please, do not buy programs for future use even if the discount prices. You can always buy an astrology program if required in the future. For the selection of an astrology program, please, look through the recommendations.

Prices for astrology programs and modules

To purchase FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FORM and follow the instructions in it.
List of astrological programs Price ($)0
0 Help remotely in installing Galaxy programs through AnyDesk Free1
1 Anamnesis - History bank of Querent visits (Galaxy.Anamnesis) 41
2 Aspectarium - Aspect Analyzer (Galaxy.Aspectarium)
Program modules Price ($)
Multi-mode search for phenomena -8
3 Asteroids - Asteroids in Astrology (Galaxy.Asteroids) 57
4 Calendar - Astrological Calendar (Galaxy.Calendar)
Program modules Price ($)
Multi-user version 11
5 ChartAnalyzer - Analyzer of different astrological charts (Galaxy.ChartAnalyzer)
Program modules Price ($)
Analyzer of natal chart (common for Charts, Electioner, ChartAnalyzer and GeoPort) 41
Find baby name 11
Variator of house system 11
Statistical analysis of charts 8
Express analysis of character traits 19
Analyzer of marital compatibility 14
Analyzer of business compatibility 11
Analyzer of total compatibility 11
Color chart analyzer 19
Analyzer of horary chart (module is free for buyers of Horus) 49
Career guidance 30
Considering modules5
6 Charts - Astrologer's basic universal tool (Galaxy.Charts)
Program modules Price ($)
Thematic aspects 11
Planet rises/sets Free1
Eclipses Free1
Moon calendar Free1
Planetary hours Free1
Planet orbit elements Free1
Chain of dispositors Free1
Degrees of Zodiac Free1
Interpreter of chart objects Free1
Information on chart Free1
Notebook Free1
95 + modules6
7 Controller - Control of user implementation of test tasks (Galaxy.Controller) -9
8 Cyclopedia - Astrological multimedia encyclopedia (Galaxy.Cyclopedia) Free 1
9 DataCenter - Astrological Data Bank (Galaxy.DataCenter) -10
10 DataFinder - Search for when the event occurred (Galaxy.DataFinder) Free 1
11 DataWorker - Archiving, indexing, export/import (Galaxy.DataWorker) Free 1
12 Electioner - Selection of favorable moments of event (Galaxy.Electioner)
Program modules Price ($)
Election of the marriage date 41
Election of the business start 24
Election for buying and selling real estate 32
Election for buying and selling car 19
Election of the date of electronics purchase 14
Universal election of given house theme 46
Considering modules5
13 Exos - Exoobjects in Astrology (Galaxy.Exos) 35
14 Galaxy - Integration shell of Galaxy space programs (Galaxy.Shell) Free 1
15 Gems - GemoAstrology (Galaxy.Gems) 51
16 GeoPort - Astrocartography in Astrology (Galaxy.GeoPort) 57
17 Helper - Galactic assistant (Galaxy.Helper) Free 1
18 Horus - Analyzer of horary charts (Galaxy.Horus) 57
19 InfoBox - Knowledge box (Galaxy.InfoBox) Free 1
20 Laboratory - Astrologer's research tool (Galaxy.Laboratory) 100
21 Locator - Directory of geographical coordinates and World Time (Galaxy.Locator) 57
22 Magnifier - Galaxy eye (Galaxy.Magnifier) Free 1
23 MedicalPoint - Medical Astrology (Galaxy.MedicalPoint)
Program modules Price ($)
Disease Diagnosis -8
Disease Forecasting -8
Disease Prevention - Herbal Medicine -8
24 MundoScope - 3D Astrology (Galaxy.MundoScope) 68
25 Points - Points in Astrology (Galaxy.Points) 35
26 PreRectificator - Pre-rectification of Horoscope (Galaxy.PreRectificator) 35
27 PresentMaker - Creating multimedia modules (Galaxy.PresentMaker) Free 1
28 PresentViewer - Viewing multimedia modules (Galaxy.PresentViewer) Free 1
29 PreSetter - Management of Galaxy package settings (Galaxy.PreSetter) Free 1
30 PreView - Galaxy program presentation (Galaxy.PreView) Free 1
31 Prognosis - Create prognosis on astrological house themes (Galaxy.Prognosis) 51
32 Rectificator - Basic rectification of Horoscope (Galaxy.Rectificator) 51
33 SkyLiner - Sky Laboratory (Galaxy.SkyLiner)
Program modules Price ($)
Conception periods and gender of the child 14
Considering modules5
34 StarGazer - Astrological ConvertoCalculator (Galaxy.StarGazer) Free1
35 StarTest - Star Tester (Galaxy.StarTest) Free1
36 Stars - Stars in Astrology (Galaxy.Stars) 51
37 TaroLine - Tarot for Astrologers (Galaxy.TaroLine) 41
38 Updater - Search and perform updates via Internet (Galaxy.Updater) Free 1
39 Versioner - Tracking software versions and new functional (Galaxy.Versioner) Free 1
40 Zero - First Steps in Astrology (Galaxy.Zero) Free 1

0 - Prices are in USD, unless no other currency is indicated.
1 - Free (priceless) means that it is free and valuable (helpful) at the same time :)
2 - PresentMaker is free to create free modules, and it is on a paid basis to create commercial modules.
3 - Controller is only for educational institutions and their representatives.
4 - The element is under the development, and therefore the price is not determined.
5 - The cost depends on the modules used. You can find prices in the list of modules to this program.
6 - The cost consists of the base cost of the program and plug-ins. You can find prices in the list of modules.
7 - Price for a single-user / multi-user options
8 - The program or module is under construction and the price is not defined.
9 - The program is sold upon request.
10- Purchase conditions are indicated on the program page.

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