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GeoPort - Astrocartography in Astrology Live - well, and live well - even better, as would say one of our favorite characters. And he is very right. I will allow myself one more free paraphrase: "Life must be lived there, that was not painfully ashamed of wasted years." Of course, Nikolai Ostrovsky mean "SO", but, in this case, "There" is more appropriate, because our will to choose the place where we were, quite possibly, will be much more comfortable than at home. Trying to change your Horoscope - empty fun, because it is not given to everyone, but to choose a place where to live, by any forces. It would be a desire, and sometimes a great desire. Nevertheless, in astrology there is a methodology, which allows to find a place where people will feel more comfortable and be able to express and realize themselves. To do this, and this is astrological program.

Features astrological program

  1. Live and powerful mapping, which allows to find not only the locality, but also the house.
  2. Display favorable regions, not only the conjunction lines.
  3. A wide range of map sets.
  4. Ability to instantly assess your chart for a new place.
  5. Built-in coordinate point mechanism.
  6. The original method of forecasting events.
  7. Integration program with all the Galaxy program.

Additional information about program

Functionality of program

Operation mode
  • Work with astrocartography:
    • Objects on angled cusps;
    • View charts (relocation, natal and joint mode);
    • List of paranes;
    • Coordinate points.
  • Forecast events:
    • Forecast cyclogramm;
    • Viewing events with different tools during the period.
Astrological tools for forecasting and analysis
  • Transits
  • Various types of Progression
  • Various types of Directions
Groups of used maps
  1. Map
  2. Physical, Terrain
  3. Satellite
  4. Hybrid (Satellite+Map)
Supported house systems 24 house systems, including - 14 of the most common and 10 modern
Zodiac system Tropical
Work with objects
  • Planet of Septener
  • Spiritual planets
  • Planetoids (asteroids)
  • Lunar nodes (true and mean)
  • Fictitious planet and points
Support schemes for including objects in charts
  • non-displayed
  • displayed
  • with cross-aspects
  • fully aspected
Loading and saving charts work with unlimited number of databases and unlimited structure of bank
Support time points unlimited number of time points
Calculation of time correction Considering alternative recourses
Directory of populated places coordinates More than 16 ths populated places (in Locator program) around the globe
Protect of charts Chart data protection against accidental change
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Screenshots and brief description

To view large pictures, please, mouse click on picture.
GeoPort. The data entry screen The data entry screen.
List of charts is much easier to work with the charts, allowing you to create (download) a plurality of charts for the total consideration or comparison.
GeoPort. Astrocardography settings Astrocardography settings.
Allow you to choose the type of maps displayed, the scale, the reaction of the map to the actions of the astrologer and much more. To change the settings, just click the lock button in the lower left corner and double-click on the desired setting. The program operates on the following groups of maps:
  1. Map
  2. Physical, Terrain
  3. Satellite
  4. Hybrid (Satellite+Map)
GeoPort. Selection of tools for forecasting Selection of tools for forecasting.
Allows you to select astrological tools to calculate the forecast cycle to get an answer to the question "When an event can be activated".
GeoPort. Program operation modes Program operation modes:
There are 2 operating modes available for working with astrocartography:
  • normal operating mode (one chart) - when this operating mode is selected, the ACG map will display the conjunctions lines of angular cusps only for the current (currently selected) chart. This mode of operation allows you to estimate the relocation site for one person;
  • multi-mode (more than one chart) - when this mode of operation is selected, the ACG map will display the conjunctions lines of the angular cusps for all specified (highlighted) charts. This mode of operation allows you to assess the relocation site for a group of people or the whole family.
GeoPort. Selection of objects on cusps Work with astrocartography - Selection of objects on cusps.
Selecting objects on the cusps allows you to display only the necessary combinations of planet-angular cuspid pairs to unload the map on small scales. When you change the scale of the legend map (the hints are always accompanied by the lines of the object-cuspid, and when you hover the cursor on the line, it is highlighted and a tooltip appears on the line.
GeoPort. Multi-mode in GeoPort Multi-mode in GeoPort.
Multimode is a unique operating mode of the GeoPort program that allows you to simultaneously display on a map lines of conjunctions of angular cusps with planets for several selected charts, which makes it easy to select and evaluate a relocation place for a group of people or the whole family.
GeoPort. Displaying charts In this mode, you can display various combinations:
  • Relocation chart on the place indicated by the astrologer on the map and a table of aspects on it
  • The natal chart and the aspects table for it
  • Relocation chart and natal chart for comparing the position of objects in houses.
The location of the relocation is displayed in the form of an astrological map icon. When you move the cursor to this icon, you can get information about the current location.
As the scale of the map increases, the line of the line's orbis becomes visible, which can be set in the settings.
GeoPort. List of paranes Work with astrocartography - List of paranes.
In this mode, you can easily get a list of parans:
  • for a relocation chart;
  • for a natal chart.
In this case, pairs of objects on the cusps that fall into the given orbis are highlighted with the specified color, which facilitates the finding of the parans. List of pairs of objects on the cusps can be easily sorted, By clicking on the column header. Available sort types:
  • Planets and cusps;
  • Cusps and planets;
  • Direct ascension in degrees or hours.
GeoPort. Coordinate points Work with astrocartography - Coordinate points.
The mechanism of coordinate points allows you to quickly return to the specified (previously saved) location of relocation, which greatly facilitates the consideration and comparison of several places on the map. Coordinate point lists can be saved for further work. When you click on the map, you can get enough detailed information on the point up to the postal address, which allows you to find the necessary places for relocation to the house.
GeoPort. LocalSpace Map LocalSpace Map.
In this mode, you can display a map of the local space (LocalSpace), built in a horizontal coordinate system to the relocated (indicated on the map) location. The brightness and size of the local space map display are regulated by elements, which greatly facilitates its perception.
GeoPort. Forecast cyclogramm Forecast cyclogramm.
Allows you to answer the question "When" can activate the map in the place of relocation. The cyclogram allows you to display the planet-cuspid pairs in the time period under consideration with a given step. In this case, the angular cusps are displayed in the same colors as in the natal chart, which greatly facilitates the perception of information. Since each planet can be on one of the 4 angled cusps at the same time for the same astrological instrument, then certain places are allocated for them.

The chart at the bottom of the chart shows the total number of pairs positions at the selected point. The more these pairs are for a given time point, The greater the moment of time. This can indirectly answer the question "When".

With a double click around the crosshair, you can get detailed information on the selected date - with which astrological tool at a given point which of the planets hits the corner cusp, which allows you to comprehensively assess the impact of the selected date at the time the event occurred.
GeoPort.Strength of chart objects Strength of chart objects.
The analysis of the strength of chart objects allows one to perform aphetic analysis of two charts (relocation and natal) and to estimate the strength of the effect of relocation.
This mode is available on condition that you purchased the module `Natal Chart Analyzer` for the ChartAnalyzer program.
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