Updater - Check for Updates (Galaxy.Updater)

Updater - Search and perform updates via Internet Updater - Check for Updates (Galaxy.Updater) is designed to perform all updates of astrology programs included in Galaxy - Astrological Tools astrological software package. This is quite an intelligent program, which not only replaces the directories, data files, modules, etc., but has partial or partial substitution method of algorithmic replacement of records in data files, significantly reducing the volume of information transmitted. In other words, each update can work (and works) according to its procedure. This program is included in both versions of Galaxy astrological software package.

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Updater. The screen of update of Galaxy space programs The screen of update of Galaxy space programs is external presentation of Updater program:
  1. 'Do not update and exit' button cancels the update operation and runs the shell integration.
  2. 'Update' button starts an algorithm of update for Galaxy astrology programs.
  3. Message on a number of modules loaded and available for update.