Exos - Exoobjects in Astrology (Galaxy.Exos)

Exos - Exoobjects in Astrology Astrological program Exos (Galaxy.Exos) is exotic in modern astrology, since classical astrology operates with planets, aspects, degrees, and only some astrologers use exotic objects in their work. For example, in medical astrology and natal astrology, some nebulae are used, for they are related to sight. But few people reached such objects as satellites of the planets. Yes, we actively use our satellite of the Earth - the Moon, but the satellites of other planets - no, since they are small and far away. But imagine that these small objects in large numbers, like ants, can shift the center of mass of some something big planet and thereby change this invisible center, which can directly affect the aspects. And in some natal chart, an aspect may appear that was not. But this is only one of the explanations. In this Exos program, several groups of exotic objects are presented: galaxies and nebulae, planetary satellites and fictitious planets. Perhaps inquisitive astrologers will discover something new in these objects. This program in its interface and actions is similar to those already existing in the space of astrological programs Galaxy: Stars, Asteroids, Points and Gems. So those who use them can easily master this one too. Well, what happens - See you soon.

Like all Galaxy astrology software, Exos will benefit from the Galaxy Astrology software space and will be able to interact with it. In the meantime, we gain patience and wait for the release of the program for working with exotic objects.

The program is under development. Follow the news of astrological programs Galaxy ...