SkyLiner Astrological Program - Sky Laboratory (Galaxy.SkyLiner)

SkyLiner - Sky Laboratory Astrological program SkyLiner (Galaxy.SkyLiner) is designed to forecast given periods using predetermined algorithms based on trends and patterns identified by empirical methods.

   SkyLiner is an astrological symbiont, a program that uses the achievements of other Galaxy programs and techniques, based on the empirical astrological experience of many generations of astrologers.

SkyLiner, like the astrological programs Galaxy Electioner and ChartAnalyzer, uses plug-in licensed modules, each of which is a complete specialized unit designed to solve one specific problem.

At its core, this program is closer to Prognosis, since it does not find the most suitable possible moments of the onset of events, like Electioner, but predicts events that closely follow from the natal chart. But unlike Prognosis, SkyLiner program performs forecasting of narrowly specialized moments using specific empirical techniques.

The program is under development. Stay tuned for Galaxy astrological news...