TaroLine - Tarot for Astrologers (Galaxy.TaroLine)

TaroLine - Tarot for Astrologers Astrological program TaroLine (Galaxy.TaroLine) - not for all astrologers, because not every astrologer is confident in himself, in the methods he uses, and attracts for solving specific problems, mainly related to horary astrology, tarot cards. Yes, yes, I did not make a reservation, because some astrologers, along the way, also tarologists. Do I use Tarot cards in my work? No, I do not use. Probably, astronomy is closer to my earthly archetype, and higher and subtle matters are inaccessible to me, unfortunately. But astrologers with a pronounced element of Water use it, because Tarot cards are something different, not like a harmonious astrology system, they are more subtle things. Here it is not even the cards themselves or the pictures on them that are even more important, but the very essence of this or that card. Some tarot readers don't even need pictures. The name of the card itself or the number is enough for them to delve into the essence of the issue.

And of course, in this program, since it is astrological, there will be astrological cards (wheels), which will be associated with layouts, decks, etc. And the astrologer at any time will be able to restore the situation that was at the time the question was asked.

Like all Galaxy astrological programs, TaroLine will benefit from and interact with the Galaxy Astrology Program Space. In the meantime, we gain patience and wait for the release of the program for working with Tarot cards.

The program is under development. Follow the news of astrological programs Galaxy ...