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Collage of astrological programs Galaxy Collage of color schemes Galaxy Collage of buttons shapes Galaxy Astrology programs presented on this site are fundamentally different from all the programs that exist to date in 2024. What do they differ? The thing is, that an innovative approach is applied in the user interface: lists of charts (events) and astrological instruments. This approach greatly quickens and simplifies the astrologer's work process helping to avoid routine loading, selection of charts and astrological instruments.

Astrology program is atomic. In other words each program focuses on a specific area of astrology, and can work both independently and in conjunction with other programs presented on this site, as they all are the astrological software package that has the name of Galaxy - Astrological Tools.

Astrological software interface is designed to work on all kinds of modern computers, from tablets to large desktop PCs. It will satisfy the needs of beginners and venerable astrologers by doing their work fast and comfortable.

Astrology programs have a number of innovative solutions that greatly simplify the work of a modern astrologer. Here are some of them: alternative time offset tables, lists of charts and astrological instruments, support related charts and events, active multi modes, specialized analysis modes, rectification and prognosis, support of exchange CALIF format, and more. So let's see and get acquainted ...

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List of astrological programs

Charts - Astrologer's basic universal tool (Galaxy.Charts) Charts - Astrologer's work tool (Galaxy.Charts)
The main astrologer's tool allows you to create astrological charts (single, double and multi-charts) to do the analysis, rectification and prognostics of events. The program provides creating charts and their deploying in three systems of coordinates (the ecliptic, horizontal and equatorial 1st and 2nd) and fourteen houses systems.
Locator - Directory of geographical coordinates and World Time (Galaxy.Locator) Locator - Electronic directory of coordinates and time offsets (Galaxy.Locator)
Astrological program intended to determine the geographical coordinates of settlements around the globe, and the calculation of zone time in these settlements, taking into account alternative tables and rules of the time offset.
PreRectificator - Pre-rectification of Horoscope (Galaxy.PreRectificator) PreRectificator - Pre-rectification (Galaxy.PreRectificator)
Astrological program allows you to carry out a preliminary (qualitative) rectification horoscope and thereby narrow the possible period of the querent’s birth. It is extremely important to conduct sessions with a querent, living far from the astrologer, as it prepares the test questions and automatically calculates the possible time period birth based on the answers to these questions.
Rectificator - Basic rectification of Horoscope (Galaxy.Rectificator) Rectificator - Basic rectification (Galaxy.Rectificator)
Astrological program allows to do basic rectification of a Horoscope and thus find possible time points of querent's birth. Rectification is based on strength (significance) of the planets, weight (significance) of astrological instruments (progressions, directions, and transits) and attributes of entered events (house theme, accuracy of an event and its weight). Rectification is done by means of a set of events from the querent's life, not based only on the theme of marriage, which improves the quality of the rectification.
Horus - Analyzer horary charts (Galaxy.Horus) Horus - Analyzer horary charts (Galaxy.Horus)
This astrological application program designed for analyzing horary charts. It allows you to assess the formal and thematic radical horary chart, perform incremental analysis horary charts and conduct a dynamic assessment of the operation of the timing horar using astrological instruments.
ChartAnalyzer - Analyzer of different astrological charts (Galaxy.ChartAnalyzer) ChartAnalyzer - Analyzer of various charts (Galaxy.ChartAnalyzer)
The applied astrology program is designed to perform the initial analysis of astrological charts, and also solve a number of tasks: to identify the querent's strengths and weaknesses, to conduct a rapid analysis of the character traits and analyze horary and synastry charts, and more.
Prognosis - Create prognosis on astrological house themes (Galaxy.Prognosis) Prognosis - Prognosis of events (Galaxy.Prognosis)
Astrological program allows you to create prognosis on given astrological house themes taking into account the accurate time of birth and significance (strength) of natal chart objects. For analysis it uses not only the natal chart and transits (current celestial situation), but also such instruments for prediction as progressions, directions, and returns.
Electioner - Selection of favorable moments of event (Galaxy.Electioner) Electioner - Selection of favorable moments of event (Galaxy.Electioner)
Astrological program allows you to find the most favorable moments by means of astrological instruments based on the querent's natal chart and additional attributes such as working hours of the institution, direction of a newly opened business, etc.
Aspectarium - Analyzer aspects (Galaxy.Aspectarium) Aspectarium - Aspect Analyzer (Galaxy.Aspectarium
Specialized astrological program that allows you to work with aspects as elements (atoms) of charts. Aspects mean not only angular aspects, groups of parallels or antises, but also aspects to a selected point, ingression, as connections with the initial degree of a sign or house, as well as connections to change direction points.
Calendar - Astrological calendar (Galaxy.Calendar Calendar - Astrological calendar (Galaxy.Calendar
This applied astrological program allows you to solve everyday problems: to track querents' birthdays and holidays, to receive the status and strength of the planets, as well as to create mini-forecasts on the themes of the horoscope on the 28-day period.
Anamnesis - History bank of Querent visits (Galaxy.Anamnesis) Anamnesis - Querent's visits history bank (Galaxy.Anamnesis).
History bank of querent's visits stores information (charts, text, graphics, video and audio) about the history of querent's visits and helps an astrologer to consult.
Laboratory - Astrologer's research tool (Galaxy.Laboratory) Laboratory - Astrologer's tool for research (Galaxy.Laboratory)
The applied program is designed to analyze sequences of the similar events and identify patterns of dependencies of celestial situation influence on the events in question. This tool allows you to find the correlation between the position of the celestial objects and sequence of the same type events.
GeoPort - Astrocartography in Astrology (Galaxy.GeoPort) GeoPort - Astrocartography in Astrology (Galaxy.GeoPort)
Applied on Astrocartography astrological program with a lively and powerful mapping, which allows to find not only the locality, but also the house. It allows you to display not only the conjunction line, but also favorable area. It works with a wide range of maps and is fully integrated into the space Galaxy.
Asteroids - Asteroids in Astrology (Galaxy.Asteroids) Asteroids - Asteroids in Astrology (Galaxy.Asteroids).
Specialized astrology program is designed to work with asteroids and provides a modern astrologer with a tool for practical and research work.
Stars - Stars in Astrology (Galaxy.Stars) Stars - Stars in Astrology (Galaxy.Stars)
The specialized program to work with the stars. Not so much astrology programs that provide the opportunity to see the fixed stars in the horoscope, and there are no programs which allow you to see aspects from/to the stars, and give the description. This program is designed to fill this gap and provides a modern astrologer with a tool for practical and research work with stars as astrological objects.
Points - Points in Astrology (Galaxy.Points) Points - Points in Astrology (Galaxy.Points)
The specialized astrology program is designed to work with the lots (Arabic parts) and midpoints (middle points) as chart objects. It allows an astrologer to look at familiar things from a different angle.
Gems - GemoAstrology (Galaxy.Gems) Gems - GemoAstrology (Galaxy.Gems)
Is a specialized astrological program designed to work with stones mapped to fixed stars. It is responsible for one of the exotic areas of astrology - GemoAstrology (astrology of working with stones as objects of correction of astrological charts).
SkyLiner - Sky Laboratory (Galaxy.SkyLiner) SkyLiner - Sky Laboratory (Galaxy.SkyLiner)
Is designed to forecast given periods using predetermined algorithms based on trends and patterns identified by empirical methods. SkyLiner is an astrological symbiont, a program that uses the achievements of other Galaxy programs and techniques, based on the empirical astrological experience of many generations of astrologers.
MedicalPoint - Medical Astrology (Galaxy.MedicalPoint) MedicalPoint - Medical Astrology (Galaxy.MedicalPoint)
The astrological program is an entry point into a large area of astrology called Medical Astrology. Medical astrology is a set of knowledge acquired in practice by studying the influence of planets and stars on human health. Unlike alternative medicine, medical astrology pays great attention not only to the physical body, but also to the mental (mental), etheric (energetic) and astral (emotional) bodies. Traditional medical astrology, which came to us from the depths of centuries, is fundamentally different from modern, in which astrology and medicine are these are separate directions from each other. The basis of traditional medical astrology is humors associated with the elements...
Exos - Exoobjects in Astrology (Galaxy.Exos) Exos - Exoobjects in Astrology (Galaxy.Exos)
It is exotic in modern astrology, since classical astrology operates with planets, aspects, degrees, and only some astrologers use exotic objects in their work. For example, in medical astrology and natal astrology, some nebulae are used, because they are associated with vision. But before such objects, as satellites of the planets, few people reached. Imagine that these small objects in large numbers, like ants, can displace the center of mass of some large planet and thereby change this invisible center, which can directly affect aspects. In this Exos program, several groups of exotic objects are presented: galaxies and nebulae, planetary satellites and fictitious planets. So this astrological program is for inquisitive minds and researchers.
TaroLine - Tarot for Astrologers (Galaxy.TaroLine) TaroLine - Tarot for Astrologers (Galaxy.TaroLine)
This astrological program is not intended for all astrologers, because not every astrologer is confident in himself, in the methods he uses, and attracts Tarot cards for solving specific problems, mainly related to horary astrology. Yes, Tarot cards are something different, not like a harmonious system of astrology, they are more subtle essences, which require an esotericist to use intuition, an inner voice and much more. And of course, in this program, since it is astrological, there are astrological cards (wheels) that are associated with layouts, decks, etc. Thanks to this, the astrologer at any time will be able to restore the situation that was at the time the question was asked.
MundoScope - 3D Astrology (Galaxy.MundoScope) MundoScope - 3D Astrology (Galaxy.MundoScope)
Everyone is used to seeing astrological charts in the form of a circle or a square. It is familiar, convenient and practical. Every astrologer knows what cusps of houses are, but not everyone can even imagine how the ecliptic "walks", displacing angular cusps. Not everyone knows, how do systems of houses in the Arctic work and why suddenly there is a "transfer" of Asc and Dsc. Understand these issues will help MundoScope. On this, the possibilities of the astrological program MundoScope are not limited...
Controller - Control of user implementation of test tasks (Galaxy.Controller) Controller - Controller of tacks (Galaxy.Controller)
Astrological program designed to control user implementation of test tasks who study remotely. This program stores information on students work in its own database and allows to check quickly the quality of the test tasks performed by these students. Feedback with users who use multimedia units is carried out through this program.
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List of free astrological programs

Zero - First Steps in Astrology (Galaxy.Zero) Zero - First Steps in Astrology (Galaxy.Zero)
Elements, signs, houses, planets, crosses, configurations, degrees, etc. - Can be a long list alphabets used in Astrology. To understand their essence and receive qualitative (not quantitative), their interpretation and the program is designed. It is free and is designed for those who are first dipped into a bottomless world of astrology and want to understand it.
DataFinder - Search for when the event occurred (Galaxy.DataFinder) DataFinder - Data search (Galaxy.DataFinder)
Astrological program performs an extensive search of charts and events by specified criteria: from the natal chart elements (static search) to a given position of the objects of the celestial situation (dynamic search). The selection of charts by the visit date to the astrologer, by the elements of the date-time of birth (hour, date, etc.), by place of birth, etc. All of these are often necessary to use in modern astrology practice.
Cyclopedia - Astrological multimedia encyclopedia (Galaxy.Cyclopedia) Cyclopedia - Astrological Encyclopedia (Galaxy.Cyclopedia)
Multimedia Astrological Encyclopedia contains esoteric knowledge. You can not only read and see pictures in the Encyclopedia articles, but also watch video and listen to audio where it is available.
StarGazer - Astrological ConvertoCalculator (Galaxy.StarGazer) StarGazer - Astrological ConvertoCalculator (Galaxy.StarGazer)
The astrological calculator and converter allows you to perform various astrological calculations related to date-time, Julian day, degrees, coordinates, etc., as well as convert one view formats to another.
StarTest - Star Tester (Galaxy.StarTest) StarTest - Star Tester (Galaxy.StarTest)
A simple and useful program that allows you to quickly and effortlessly test knowledge not only in astrology, but also in mathematics, Russian and English, which is useful not only for adults, but also for children.
Galaxy - Integration shell of Galaxy space programs Galaxy - Integration shell to run programs
The program brings together a variety of programs of software package and allows you to manage them.
PreView - Galaxy program presentation (Galaxy.PreView) PreView - Galaxy program presentation (Galaxy.PreView)
It is designed to familiarize users with the astrology software package named Galaxy. It gives the opportunity to see the work of all the package programs and get to know their features. Pictures with description provided from the operation programs of the package show features of each program in detail, and video clips show these features in real time mode.
PresentViewer - Viewing multimedia modules (Galaxy.PresentViewer) PresentViewer - Viewing multimedia modules (Galaxy.PresentViewer)
This program is designed for viewing multimedia modules created by PresentMaker program primarily for distance education students. Because it allows not only to convey information in a digestible form, but also to carry out off-line-tests with feedback in the form of teacher reviews
PreSetter - Management of Galaxy package settings (Galaxy.PreSetter) PreSetter - Environment configurator (Galaxy.PreSetter)
It allows you to manage settings of astrology programs included in Galaxy astrology software package. Settings interface is integrated in almost all Galaxy space.
Helper - Galactic assistant (Galaxy.Helper) Helper - Galactic assistant (Galaxy.Helper)
It aggregates the help in her different manifestations and gives advice on achievement of the goal. At input of a keyword or several words, Helper finds suitable options and paints "action plan".
DataWorker - Archiving, indexing, export/import (Galaxy.DataWorker) DataWorker - Converter and import/export of data (Galaxy.DataWorker)
It allows you to synchronize data between Astrologer’s multiple computers, thereby providing ease of data exchange. It ensures the consistency of the used querents database, recovers indices and compresses data, performs backup and restores, imports and exports data from other (to other) program.
DataCenter - Astrological Data Bank (Galaxy.DataCenter) DataCenter - Astrological Data Bank (Galaxy.DataCenter)
Astrological program supports various astrological bases and databanks, including, and AstroDataBank on the basis of which it is possible to prepare thematic sets of cards and couple the card event for use in the research purposes.
InfoBox - Knowledge box (Galaxy.InfoBox) InfoBox - Knowledge Box (Galaxy.InfoBox)
A program is a collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other data grouped into categories. It operates not only on astrological knowledge and is intended to expand the vocabulary of astrologers, who simply must have a broad outlook, as they advise different categories of people and must speak the same language with them. And steady expressions, aphorisms and winged words are simply obliged to bring the horizons of the astrologer to new horizons.
Magnifier - Galaxy eye (Galaxy.Magnifier) Magnifier - Galaxy eye (Galaxy.Magnifier)
Designed to increase individual sections of screens or text in all Galaxy programs. Magnifier is a stylized magnifying glass with the possibility of additional settings for both the appearance and the reaction of the program
PresentMaker - Creating multimedia modules (Galaxy.PresentMaker) PresentMaker - Preparing presentations (Galaxy.PresentMaker)
This program allows you to create both free and paid, so-called licensed modules, which are atomic file of a given subject. This file may be obtained by user via the Internet and automatically opened on a computer for viewing and learning.
Versioner - Tracking software versions and new functional (Galaxy.Versioner) Versioner - Version Control (Galaxy.Versioner)
It is designed to keep track of versions of Galaxy space programs and release of new functionality. The advanced filtering system allows you to search for the required functionality and understand when it was released or it is intended for release only.
Updater - Search and perform updates via Internet (Galaxy.Updater) Updater - Check for Updates (Galaxy.Updater)
This program allows you to update the directories of available multimedia modules and all Galaxy space programs.
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Release options

Variant Description
Galaxy - Milky Way (MW) Teaching/information environment. It contains a number of astrology software for watching and creating multimedia modules, multimedia encyclopedia and a number of other free tools. This is a free version of Galaxy. It includes all free programs presented on this page: Zero, DataFinder, Cyclopedia, PreView, PresentViewer, PreSetter, Helper, DataWorker, DataCenter, PresentMaker, Versioner, Updater and Galaxy - Integration shell.
Galaxy - Astrological Tools (AT) Full working environment of a practicing Astrologer. It contains the complete set of free astrology programs included in the version of the Galaxy - Milky Way, and all paid ones presented on this page.
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System requirements

Item Requirement Note
Opeartion system Microsoft Windows workin with: WinXPSP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.X (not Windows 8 RT), Windows 10 (not Windows 10 Mobile) and Windows 11 (not Windows 11 Mobile). On full-fledged Linux-like OS and MacOS, programs run under virtual machines or emulators.
Screen resolution not less 1024x600 the upper limit - without restrictions. On 4K SHD and 8K UHD available to work with 9 cards in pairs multi-regimes
RAM not less 1 Gb
HDD (SSD) not less 16 Gb This parameter is relevant for tablets.
At a basic computer installed Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0
Disk space not less 1.7 Gb For Galaxy - Milky Way - 1 Gb
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Project participants depending on personal contribution

Developer astrological programs Galaxy
Member of the astrological programs Galaxy
Member of the astrological programs Galaxy
Member of the astrological programs Galaxy
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Member of the astrological programs Galaxy
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