Versioner - Version Control (Galaxy.Versioner)

Versioner - Tracking software versions and new functional Versioner - Versions tracking (Galaxy.Versioner) is designed to keep track of new versions of Galaxy astrology programs.
The program using the filtering mechanism (selection) and allows to sort the data fast enough to find and see everything new that has appeared in Galaxy astrology programs. Since the release of all Galaxy programs are sequentially numbered (the version number has date time stamp), the user can easily sort the list of changes setting new items at the top of the list. In addition, such numbering allows to see what is planned for implementation. Versioner integrates 'What's New' chapters for all Galaxy space programs that allows you to see all the news for all the programs in one place. History storage of innovations allows you to track the life cycle of all Galaxy programs. This program is included in both versions of Galaxy software package.

Additional information about program

Functionality of program

Search modes
  • Versions
  • Functionality
  • Component (program)
Sorting modes
  • versions (new at the top)
  • functionality
  • version + functionality
  • component + functionality
  • component + version + functionality
Display of data
  • Version
  • Component (program)
  • New functionality, fixing bugs, and more taking into account the filter
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Screenshots and brief description

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Versioner. Display of changes in the program versions Display of the program's home screen with the changes in the program versions.
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