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StarTest - Star Tester StarTest - Star Tester (Galaxy.StarTest) is a free, simple and useful program that allows you to quickly and effortlessly test knowledge not only in astrology, but also in mathematics, Russian and English, which is useful not only to adult uncles and aunts, but also to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Therefore, this program goes far beyond astrological programs. But since it is also for beginner astrologers, I included it in the space of Galaxy programs.

StarTest Guide

StarTest Astrological Program

This program, in its original form, appeared in the late 90s and I made it for my children. It could only appreciate the knowledge of simple arithmetic operations and the knowledge of the correct spelling of Russian words. Nevertheless, it performed her role remarkably: the children quickly pulled up their oral count and their grammar. After this program in our family went on a cold vacation. And so I would rest.
The question about studying arose again, the code for my children, their children, and my grandchildren, went to school and went on the next cycle of education. That's when my tests came to mind. But we must develop and move forward. And these facts prompted me to breathe new life into a long-forgotten useful program. So there was StarTest, which in terms of functionality has advanced significantly compared to its first version.
In this simple program, other tests appeared that will help not only children with mathematics, Russian and English, but also adults, novice astrologers, with the study of a new subject area.

Unique StarTest Features

StarTest Functionalityt

Test Modes:
  • Mathematics - Addition;
  • Mathematics - Subtraction;
  • Mathematics - Addition and Subtraction;
  • Mathematics - Multiplication;
  • Mathematics - Division;
  • Mathematics - Multiplication and Division;
  • Mathematics - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division;
  • Spelling;
  • Russian words;
  • Russian Persistent Expressions;
  • Astrological test - text;
  • Astrological test - pictures.
Operating modes:
  • Testing;
  • Verification of test results;
  • Setting up tests and dictionaries.
Russian Testing Direction:
  • Russian (test) - English (choice);
  • English (test) - Russian (choice).
Negative numbers in mathematics
  • do not use negative numbers;
  • use negative numbers.
Total number of steps in the test: 1-999
One step time in seconds: 1-999. 0 - time limited to 1 hour.
Mark Criteria:
  • a - excellent;
  • b - good;
  • c - so-so.
Additional features:
  • work with an unlimited number of sets;
  • sharing sets between users;
  • adding new records from an Excel file format.
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Screenshots and brief description

To view large pictures, please, mouse click on picture.
StarTest. List of available tests List of Available Tests
From this screen, you can select a previously saved test suite and select a specific test from it. Tests are divided into several groups:
  • math tests - checking simple arithmetic operations;
  • tests in Russian - spelling (spelling);
  • English tests - knowledge of words and stable expressions;
  • astrological tests - knowledge of the characteristics of planets, signs, etc.
StarTest. Astrological text test Astrological Text Test
Page with the astrological test in the form of descriptions. The program randomly displays several descriptions, one of which is correct and which the testee needs to select.
The question on the screen is highlighted in red.
StarTest. Astrological test with pictures Astrological test with pictures
The page with the astrological test with pictures allows you to quickly assess the knowledge of astrological symbols. The program displays 3 characters in random order, one of which is correct and which the testee needs to select.
During testing, depending on the settings, additional information may be displayed in the form of:
  • the remainder of the steps to complete the test;
  • remaining step time.
StarTest. Test Results Screen Test Results Screen
The test and answer log allows you to quickly evaluate the test person’s answers. Wrong answers are highlighted in red.
The overall test score is highlighted in color:
  • green - excellent;
  • blue is good;
  • yellow - satisfactory;
  • red - unsatisfactory.
StarTest. Test settings Test Settings
Depending on the test, various settings related to the selected test may be displayed on this screen.
You can configure:
  • total number of tasks;
  • time of one job in seconds;
  • evaluation criteria;
  • various display options;
  • and other additional terms.
StarTest. Dictionary settings - dictionary of astrological descriptions Dictionary Settings - Dictionary of Astrological Descriptions
From this screen you can select words or expressions for testing, add new ones, edit and delete old ones.
The lines indicated by the flags will be involved in the selected test, and the lines without the flags will be ignored.
Besides, From this screen you can prepare sets for exchange between users, as well as add new words from an Excel file. Addition rules are described in the program help file.
StarTest. Dictionary Settings - Dictionary of Astrological Symbols Dictionary Settings - Astrological Symbols Dictionary
From this screen you can select records with symbols for the test, add new ones, edit and delete old ones.
The lines indicated by the flags will be involved in the selected test, and lines without flags will be ignored.
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