Helper - Galactic assistant (Galaxy.Helper)

Helper - Galactic assistant Helper (Galaxy.Helper) - the astrological program assistant. He enters the astrological Galaxy complex. As programs which enter a complex more than two tens it is rather heavy to understand not only their appointment, but also multiple settings for these programs and especially, with some key elements (lists, mono-tools, etc.). Therefore the decision to create such program which would aggregate the help in her different manifestations has been made and I gave advice on achievement of the goal. At input of a keyword or several words, Helper finds suitable options and paints "action plan". In the program there are several directions of the help:

Helper Guide

Helper Functionality

Search Group
  • All groups;
  • Galaxy programs;
  • Galaxy program settings;
  • Message templates (Anamnesis);
  • Creating special charts;
  • Learning topics (Zero);
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ);
  • Videos and help files;
  • Multimedia modules (PresentViewer);
  • Articles and reviews.
Search options
  • search in titles and descriptions - the global search is performed;
  • only in the headers - the search is performed only by headings;
  • only in the descriptions - the search is performed only in the descriptions.
Search phrases for search
  • all - condition AND - all words must be present in the text;
  • any - condition OR - any of the words can be present in the text.
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Screenshots and brief description

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Helper. Searching of decisions Displaying the main screen of the program with the options for finding solutions and the search results.
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