InfoBox - Knowledge box (Galaxy.InfoBox)

InfoBox - Knowledge box InfoBox (Galaxy.InfoBox) - Knowledge Box program. It is part of the Galaxy Astrological Space. This program is quite simple and is a set of dictionaries, encyclopedias and other data grouped into categories. It operates not only on astrological knowledge and is intended to expand the vocabulary of astrologers who simply must have a broad outlook, since they consult different categories of people and must speak the same language with them. I'm not talking about literacy using words and phrases.
In addition to universal knowledge, this program contains specific data sets inherent in a narrow category (for example, slang and slang expressions of the Internet community) that will allow adults, mature people, to understand the younger generation.
And finally, stable expressions, aphorisms and winged words are simply obliged to bring the horizons of an astrologer beyond the horizon of the all-knowing and interested in many, Sagittarius.
This program, like many training programs, is free and is included in both sets, both in Galaxy - Milky Way and in Galaxy - Astrological Tools. Hope this simple, about-you will like the astrological program.

InfoBox Guide

InfoBox Functionality

Dataset Groups
  • Astrology and esoteric;
  • Infosets;
  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias;
  • Abbreviations;
  • Slang and jargon;
  • Aphorisms, winged words and epigrams;
  • Helpful hints;
  • Humor;
  • etc.
Search Options
  • search through records of result sets;
  • search through descriptions of records of result sets;
  • full-scale search by words and phrases.
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Screenshots and brief description

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InfoBox. Categories and Datasets Displays the main screen of the program with a tree of categories and search results.
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