Download Asteroids Swiss Ephemeris Files for the Asteroids Program

To calculate the position of the asteroids, the astrological program Asteroids uses Swiss ephemeris files. The installation package only supplies files for the first thousand asteroids (with numbers from 0 to 999). To calculate and display the position of the remaining asteroids, you need to download and install the missing files of the Swiss Ephemeris.

Each ephemeris file, from archives that can be downloaded from this page, allows you to calculate the position for one asteroid. For example, to calculate the position of the asteroid with the number 3729, the file se03729s.se1 is needed, and for the asteroid with the number 127319 - s127319s.se1. For ease of use, asteroid ephemeris files are located in separate folders of 1000 files each. So for the first thousand the ast0 folder is used, for the second - ast1, etc. Thus, if you want to calculate the position of asteroids with numbers from 6300 to 7100, you will need to install the folders ast6 and ast7. These folders must be created in the %Galaxy%\SwisEph folder, where% Galaxy%\ points to the folder where the astrological programs Galaxy were installed (by default, this is "c:\Program Files (x86)\Galaxy\").

How to use these ephemeris files is described in sufficient detail in the answer to the question: Asteroids does not show on the chart. What should I do?

Important! Since at the moment there are more than 660 thousand asteroids, of which no more than 30 thousand have names (received names instead of numbers), it’s not very important to download all the ephemeris files for the work of an astrologer. In this regard, all the named asteroids are summarized in one continuous (solid) archive, available for download below. Since its size is quite large (about 1.2 GB), then for those who have a weak download channel from the Internet, the same archive has been prepared, but divided into volumes of about 100 MB in size. Evaluate the capabilities of your download channel and choose one of two options for downloading the archive of Swiss ephemeris.

Those who want to download ephemeris that are not shown on this page can go to the Swiss Ephemeris website and load the required ephemeris from there. There, each ephemeris file is intended to determine the location of a single asteroid.

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Archives of Swiss ephemeris of named asteroids filed by volumes (20240225)

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Solid (continuous) archive of files of Swiss ephemeris of named asteroids (20240225)

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Archives of Swiss asteroid ephemeris files with numbers from 5 to 29999 (20240225)

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