Galaxy - Integration shell of Galaxy space programs. Astrological program (Galaxy.Shell)

Galaxy - Integration shell of Galaxy space programs (Galaxy.Shell) Galaxy integration shell: the main start screen of astrological software. Through this software you can control the entire package of astrology programs, and also start commonly used programs, which are used by astrologers in their work: word processing applications, graphics editors, spreadsheets, etc. In addition, using this shell you can check the availability of updates for all complex programs and access to the astrological resources associated with the astrological Galaxy software. This program is included in both versions of Galaxy software.

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Galaxy. Splash screen Splash screen "About program"
Galaxy - Integration shell of Galaxy space programs Integration shell allows to:
  1. Start all the astrological programs and call the help files
  2. Start commonly used programs which are not included in Galaxy (user configurable)
  3. Download an updated list of multimedia modules
  4. Check and download updates for all Galaxy programs
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