Controller - Controller of tacks (Galaxy.Controller)

Controller - Control of user implementation of test tasks Controller (Galaxy.Controller) is a program designed to monitor the tasks performance by students studying remotely or by correspondence. It stores all necessary information on students work in its own database and allows to check quickly the quality of the supervisory tasks, tests and exams performed by these students. Through this program a teacher provides feedback to the students who use multimedia modules and provide their feedback. Controller is included in Galaxy - Astrological Tools astrological software package

Additional information about program

Functionality of program

Operation mode
  • Work with a list of students
  • Work with students answers
Work with a list of students It allows to use advanced filtering system (search) to find a specific user.
Work with students answers
  • It allows to quickly find and see the student's answers and teacher's reaction to his work
  • To automatically assess the formalized student’s answers taking into account the specified criteria
  • To give a brief review of the student's work
  • To prepare a file with a review for the student.
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Screenshots and brief description

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Controller. Common list of students The mode provides a search for a student to follow-up the performance of his tasks. You can easily find the user with the help of filters on the page, as well as to remove (delete) it from further work.
Controller. Work with tasks of student This is the main control mode of a student: automatic evaluation of control tests, evaluation of exam non-formalized answers, writing comments, reviews, etc.
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