PreRectificator - Pre-rectification. Galaxy.PreRectificator astrological program

PreRectificator - Pre-rectification of Horoscope PreRectificator (Galaxy.PreRectificator) is designed to perform preliminary or qualitative rectification of a Horoscope and allows to narrow the possible time period of the querent's birth. This program should be used if the querent's birth goes beyond a half of an hour or the position of rulers significantly (crucially) changes in considering possible birth time period.
Pre-rectification mechanism is based on the automatic calculation of periods when the rulers and cusps change their position in the houses and signs. On the basis of the specified time period of the querent birth Pre-Rectificator prepares checklists that astrologer can send to a querent to select possible options. Based on the answers to these questions, the program automatically calculates the possible birth time period, greatly narrowing the possible birth time range.

This astrological program is included in Galaxy - Astrological Tools astrological software package

Additional information about program

Functionality of program

Objects of chart
  • Planets (and other objects - rulers) - rulers of the houses
  • Cusps
Analysis of chart object change
  • Objects in houses
  • Cusps in Zodiac signs
  • Rulers in houses
  • Objects in Zodiac signs (very rarely)
Depth of description
  • Words
  • Phrases
  • Sentences
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Screenshots and brief description

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PreRectificator. Input data Input data
PreRectificator. The selected answers of a querent by different groups of chart objects The selected answers of a querent by different groups of chart objects
PreRectificator. Answers to the questions Answers to the questions and selection of options: the main operational mode of pre-rectification
PreRectificator. The result of the preliminary rectification of a Horoscope The result of the preliminary rectification of a Horoscope
PreRectificator. Querent's event table Querent's event table
PreRectificator. Databank of charts and events Databank of charts and events
PreRectificator. City directory City directory
PreRectificator. Algorithm of preliminary (qualitative) rectification Algorithm of preliminary (qualitative) rectification

By changing the time of birth in the specified range, an astrologer tracks moments (date-time), when there is a change in the position of the planets/rulers in houses and signs, and the cusps in signs. Noting these moments, an astrologer asks questions to a querent, and based on the response result, determines the most probable position of the objects described in the signs and houses. The schedule of the most probable objects position is created on the basis of the plurality of responses. Afterwards the most probable time period of querent's birthday is determined depending on the majority of filled time periods
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