Anamnesis - Querent`s visits history bank. Astrological program Galaxy.Anamnesis

Anamnesis - History bank of Querent visits Anamnesis astrology program (Galaxy.Anamnesis) is a program designed primarily for practicing astrologers. This program keeps querent's visits history with all related documents that were used in the preparation of the consultations. It greatly simplifies work on accounting querents and their visits. Deliverables created in the process such as texts, pictures, video and audio materials can be easily found and viewed.
Advanced filtering tools of Anamnesis astrology program allow to quickly find querent's data without resorting to the charts database, to see his/her natal chart and events from life, history of visits to the astrologer and the results of the astrological consultations.
This astrology program allows you to keep statistics of querent's visits in various sections: how many, when and who applied for, how many visits were done for the period to analyze the natal charts, what type of astrology was required more, etc.
Anamnesis greatly simplifies communication with the querent, enabling an astrologer to use the mechanism of template messages. By creating templates based on repetitive questions or answers, an astrologer can greatly reduce the time for the initial communication with the querent. This astrological program is included in Galaxy - Astrological Tools astrological software package.

Additional information about program

Functionality of program Anamnesis

Operation mode
  • Work with lists of querents
  • Work with lists of querents' visits
  • View of charts, events and documents on the querent's visits
  • Getting statistics of querent's visits
  • Work with answer templates
Chart display
  • Single chart
  • Pair of charts
Supported planes
  • ecliptic
  • horizon
  • equator (1st and 2nd ESC)
Supported house systems 24 house systems, including - 14 of the most common and 10 modern
Zodiac system Tropical
Work with aspects it works with all aspects, including
  • mundane
  • parallels and contraparallel
  • antis and contrantises
  • thematical
  • etc.
Work with objects
  • Planet of Septener
  • Spiritual planets
  • Main planetoids (asteroids)
  • Lunar nodes (true and mean)
  • Main fictitious planets and points
Support of object display scheme on chart
  • non-displayed
  • displayed
  • with cross-aspects
  • fully aspected
Loading and saving charts work with unlimited number of databases and unlimited structure of bank
Calculation of time correction Considering alternative recourses
Directory of populated places coordinates More than 16 ths populated places (in Locator program) around the globe
Protect of charts Chart data protection against accidental change
Support CALIF format Supports full
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Screenshots and brief description

To view large pictures, please, mouse click on picture.
Anamnesis. List of querents List of querents who visited the astrologer. The filtering mechanism allows to find a querent on various grounds.
Anamnesis. Displaying title data of querent Displaying title data of querent. Here you can see the querent's data, his/her natal chart and all shared documents (pictures, text files, correspondence, etc.) that are associated with it.
Anamnesis. You can keep records of querent's visit from this page You can keep records of querent's visit from this page. Here you can create and edit notes on querent’s visits. Here also you can view and add the necessary documents related to this session (visit) of querent.
Anamnesis. Events related to the querent This page shows all the events related to the querent. You may mark those events which needed to download for work. To do this, simply tick or untick the checkbox at the beginning of each line.
Anamnesis. Statistics on querent's visits From this page, you can get statistics on querent's visits and find out who, how many and by what type of work visited an astrologer.
Anamnesis. Message templates An astrologer often has to respond to letters and requests in the daily work. The template mechanism will help in this matter. For this purpose, it is necessary to create records with template of questions and answers to the querents. After this, it suffices to find the required template in the list using a filtering mechanism, click 'Copy to clipboard' and paste it into the letter.
Anamnesis. Example of considered dual chart when studying synastry compatibility Example of considered dual chart when studying synastry compatibility.
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