Recommendations for choosing astrological programs Galaxy

There are a lot of astrological programs on this site. All of them are included in Galaxy - Astrological Tools astrological software package and can work both separately and together. In order not to get lost in this Galaxy I suggest to examine these astrological programs by groups proposed by me. Some groups are specific enough and strictly delineated, for example, professional astrological program, while others, such as astrological program for beginners are rather relative since their composition will depend on your level of training. Nevertheless, let it be an attempt to simplify your choice.
And as always to get a description of specific astrological program just click the mouse on the name of the program.

Groups of astrological programs

List of astrological programs Galaxy

List of astrological programs ! B M P C I S V A F
1 Anamnesis - History bank of Querent visits V V
2 Aspectarium - Aspect Analyzer V V V V V V V V
3 Asteroids - Asteroids in Astrology V
4 Calendar - Astrological Calendar V
5 ChartAnalyzer - Analyzer of different astrological charts V V V V
6 Charts - Astrologer's basic universal tool V V V V V V V V
7 Controller - Control of user implementation of test tasks V
8 Cyclopedia - Astrological multimedia encyclopedia V V V V
9 DataCenter - Astrological Data Bank V V V V V V
10 DataFinder - Search for when the event occurred V V V V V V V
11 DataWorker - Archiving, indexing, export/import V V
12 Electioner - Selection of favorable moments of event V V
13 Exos - Exoobjects in Astrology V
14 Galaxy - Integration shell of Galaxy space programs V V
15 Gems - GemoAstrology V V V
16 GeoPort - Astrocartography in Astrology V V
17 Helper - Galactic assistant V V
18 Horus - Analyzer horary charts V V
19 InfoBox - Knowledge box V V
20 Laboratory - Astrologer's research tool V
21 Locator - Directory of geographical coordinates and World Time V V V V V V
22 Magnifier - Galaxy eye V V
23 MedicalPoint - Medical Astrology V V V V
24/td> MundoScope - 3D-Astrology V V V
25 Points - Points in Astrology V
26 PreRectificator - Pre-rectification of Horoscope V V V
27 PresentMaker - Creating multimedia modules V V *
28 PresentViewer - Viewing multimedia modules V V V V
29 PreSetter - Management of Galaxy package settings V V
30 PreView - Galaxy program presentation V V V V V
31 Prognosis - Create prognosis on astrological house themes V V V
32 Rectificator - Basic rectification of Horoscope V V V
33 SkyLiner - Sky Laboratory V V V V
34 StarGazer - Astrological ConvertoCalculator V V V V V V
35 StarTest - Star Tester V V V V
36 Stars - Stars in Astrology V
37 TaroLine - Tarot for Astrologers V V
38 Updater - Search and perform updates via Internet V V
39 Versioner - Tracking software versions and new functional V V
40 Zero - First Steps in Astrology V
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