Aspectarium - Aspect Analyzer (Galaxy.Aspectarium)

Aspectarium - Aspect Analyzer Astrological program Aspectarium (Galaxy.Aspectarium) is a specialized astrological program that allows you to work with aspects as elements (atoms) of charts. Aspects mean not only angular aspects, groups of parallels or antises, but also aspects to a selected point, ingressions, as connections with the initial degree of a sign or house, as well as connections with points of change of direction.

Yes, almost all programs work with aspects, but how they work and what they do depends heavily on the essence of the program. Many astrologers are accustomed to disassemble the elements of astrological charts to bricks, to atoms, consider tables with individual elements, since their programs or those programs on which they were taught do not have the ability and ability to analyze. It may be right to study, but still the ultimate goal of an astrologer is the synthesis of a horoscope and the reconstruction of the picture as a whole, and not its decomposition. Therefore, Galaxy programs allow you to get the final, generalized version of any analysis. But here's how they do it, for many it seems to be a "black box". This is correct, because there is no need, having a program, to perform complex calculations or carry out time-consuming analyzes yourself, especially since many do not have such knowledge and do not represent how to do it.

Numerous representations of objects and points of the chart with their aspects, allows the astrologer to dive deeper into the world of aspects and the chart itself, reduce the time of analysis and search for the necessary moments. All this is Aspectarium.

Like all Galaxy astrology programs, Aspectarium will benefit from and interact with the Galaxy astrology software space in many ways. In the meantime, we must be patient and wait for the release of this program.

The program is under development. Follow the news of Galaxy astrological programs...