Magnifier - Galaxy eye (Galaxy.Magnifier)

Magnifier - Galaxy eye (Galaxy.Magnifier) Magnifier - Galaxy eye (Galaxy.Magnifier) - designed to increase individual sections of screens or text in all Galaxy programs. Magnifier is a stylized magnifying glass with the possibility of additional settings for both the appearance and the reaction of the program. The user can choose one of two forms of appearance - round or rectangular, and also to set the sizes, scale of increase, speed of reaction of shift of the tool and some more additional installations. This program is free and is included in Galaxy astrological programs.

Additional information about program

Functionality of program

Magnifier form
  • Circular;
  • Rectangular.
Scale (units of multiplicity)
  • Minimal - 1;
  • Maximal - 10.
Magnifier size (pixels)
  • Minimal - 100;
  • Maximal - 700.
Magnifier Reaction Rate (%)
  • Minimal - 10;
  • Maximal - 100.
Tool behavior
  • Close or not when the mouse button is released;
  • Hide or not mouse pointer;
  • Remember or not the current position of the tool.
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Screenshots and brief description

To view large pictures, please, mouse click on picture.
Magnifier. Control Panel Control panel. With it you can control the operation of the magnifier, settings of the program, call other Galaxy programs and get information on the program.
Magnifier.Program settings Program settings page.
With it, settings are set that are responsible for the appearance and reaction of the tool.
Magnifier. Example of the program An example of the program's operation.
By choosing one of the magnifier forms and setting its size, zoom scale and behavior response, you can create a sufficiently comfortable auxiliary tool for working in Galaxy programs.
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