PreSetter - Management of Galaxy package settings. Galaxy.PreSetter astrological program

PreSetter - Management of Galaxy package settings PreSetter (Galaxy.PreSetter) is an astrology program that controls the settings of all the programs included in Galaxy astrological software package. It is included in both versions of Galaxy.
Astrological program integrates the number of settings that allow to specify an external design of programs, tools, modes and more. All settings are kept in the separate groups for usability. Many settings are accompanied by context description, which greatly facilitate their understanding and use. The program interface is designed so that you can change the settings without using the keyboard, which is very important for the tablets.

Additional information about program

Groups of program settings

  • Basic settings: global settings of chart calculation, display and use of programs
  • Selection of chart objects: enabling chart objects
  • Astrological tools: adjustment of a tool to calculate a chart
  • Configuration of Freestyle mode: configuration of a pair of charts to be used in Freestyle mode
  • Thematic objects: enabling in the used group of thematic objects
  • User's aspects: flexible configuration of used aspects
  • Planetary rulership: selection of objects of planetary rulership
  • Questions management: enabling (disabling) questions asked in the program
  • Toolbars: customizing toolbars for different operational modes
  • Adjustment of chart objects orbs: flexible adjustment of orbs calculation
  • Adjustment of chart display: flexible display adjustment of the astrological chart elements
  • Adjustment of chart objects display: display adjustment of the chart objects properties
  • Adjustment of aspects display: display adjustment of the aspect features
  • Configuration of Galaxy shell: configuration of sequence order and startup of the programs
  • Significance factor: adjustment of the significance factor of themed objects and astrological tools
  • Design of programs: selection of color schemes, display schemes of charts and form of buttons
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Screenshots and brief description

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PreSetter. Basic settings of Galaxy programs Basic settings of Galaxy programs. It combines all the global settings to calculate and display charts, user interface, and so on.
PreSetter. Selection of chart objects Selection of chart objects. Here you can adjust the chart objects visibility and their participation in aspects. Adjustment is carried out for a variety of astrological tools and operational modes. Objects on charts may be involved not only in the cross aspects, but also in the full ones (cross + aspect inside the chart)
PreSetter. Adjustment of astrological instruments Adjustment of astrological instruments allows to select those astrological instruments that an astrologer uses in his work. Galaxy programs operate a large number of preset astrological instruments (transits, directions, progressions and retrograde). There is the opportunity to configure your own instruments with a specified time scale and direction.
PreSetter. Adjustment of Freestyle mode Adjustment of Freestyle mode allows to create sets of single charts and pairs of charts. This mode allows to simultaneously display up to 9 single and dual charts in different planes, different house systems and for any available astrological instrument
PreSetter. Adjustment of thematic objects Adjustment of thematic objects. From this screen you can set (turn on/off) groups of objects for different operational modes of programs. The thematic objects included in the group depend on the chart data and astrological instrument. They are automatically calculated in the process of charts displaying
PreSetter. Configuration of user's aspects Configuration of user's aspects allows to include only those aspects in work, which an astrologer uses.
PreSetter. Adjustment of planetary rulerships Adjustment of planetary rulerships allows to select objects as rulers
PreSetter. Questions management Questions management in Galaxy programs allows you to enable (disable) the questions asked by the programs during their operation. If some questions annoy you can turn it off, and the program will not ask it again and vice versa
PreSetter - Management of Galaxy package settings -Customizing toolbars Customizing toolbars allows to create a list of tools on the panel at your discretion separately for vertical and horizontal panels and for different operational modes
PreSetter. Adjustment of chart object orbs Adjustment of chart object orbs allows enough flexibility to adjust orbs. Chart orbs depend on the objects, aspects, types of charts, and accuracy character
PreSetter. Chart display adjustment Chart display adjustment allows to flexibly adjust the display of the elements of astrological charts for different planes. The program has about a dozen preset color schemes, which are synchronized with the color schemes design. This allows to display charts in any Galaxy programs
PreSetter. Testing of multi mode display with 5 dual charts Testing of multi mode display with 5 dual charts
PreSetter - Management of Galaxy package settings -he chart object display adjusment The chart object display adjusment allows you to manipulate the image, color and thickness of the line displayed as an object on the chart or scheme. You also can put into operation up to 12 additional asteroids that will participate on an equal footing with all chart objects
PreSetter. The chart aspects display adjustment The chart aspects display adjustment allows to manipulate the image, color and thickness of the line displayed as an aspect on a chart or scheme
PreSetter. Configuration of Galaxy shell Configuration of Galaxy shell allows to control the sequence order and startup of programs
PreSetter. Adjustment of significance factor Adjustment of significance factor of thematic objects and astrological instruements that are used in many Galaxy programs
PreSetter. Customizing the program design Customizing the program design. Management mechanism of programs design allows to select the color schemes and form of buttons both for each program, and all together. The color schemes of program design are synchronized with the color sets of charts display automatically using the predefined sets. If a 'Random' scheme is assigned, every time the program runs the color scheme and form of buttons are randomly assigned. When you select an 'Individual' scheme, the color scheme and form of buttons are set from 'Program Design' page for each program individually
PreSetter. Settings of display of the 3D-chart Settings of display of the 3D-chart.
The program allows to adjust rather flexibly colors for display of elements of the card to simplify her perception.

To see the hidden elements of the 3D chart, it is possible just to press and move a mouse according to the card. At the same time the camera for display of the 3D chart will be displaced.
PreSetter. Page of testing of given aspect orbs Page of testing of given aspect orbs
PreSetter. Page of selection of chart object symbols Page of selection of chart object symbols
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