MedicalPoint Astrological Program - Medical Astrology (Galaxy.MedicalPoint)

MedicalPoint - Medical Astrology Astrological program MedicalPoint (Galaxy.MedicalPoint) is an entry point into a large area of astrology called Medical Astrology. Medical astrology is a set of knowledge acquired in practice by studying the influence of planets and stars on human health. Unlike alternative medicine, medical astrology pays great attention not only to the physical body, but also to the mental (mental), etheric (energetic) and astral (emotional) bodies. Traditional medical astrology, which came to us from the depths of centuries, is fundamentally different from modern, in which astrology and medicine are these are separate directions from each other. The basis of traditional medical astrology is humors associated with the elements. But more about this later, when this astrological program is born.

Medical astrology of the MedicalPoint program does not in any way replace or compete with alternative (modern) medicine. She, like the other opinion of the other attending physician, it is intended to supplement the overall picture, show the other side of the same process, give alternative information that will help to make the correct diagnosis and, ultimately, save the person from the disease.

At MedicalPoint, like at Horus, I will try to accommodate different directions and methodologies of medical astrology so that everyone can work with the material familiar to him. It is probably difficult to combine incompatible things. But I will make such an attempt. And what happens is up to you to judge. And I will design these different methodologies as plug-in licensed modules, which will be complete specialized blocks capable of solving the tasks.

Like all Galaxy astrological programs, MedicalPoint will receive many benefits from the space of Galaxy astrological programs and will be able to interact with it. In the meantime, gain patience and wait for the release of the program in medical astrology.

The program is under development. Stay tuned for Galaxy astrological news...