Astrological program MundoScope - 3D Astrology (Galaxy.MundoScope)

MundoScope - 3D Astrology MundoScope is an unusual and interesting astrological program. Everyone is used to seeing astrological charts in the form of a circle or a square. It is familiar, convenient and practical. Every astrologer knows what cusps of houses are, but not everyone can even imagine how the ecliptic "walks", displacing angular cusps. Not everyone knows, how do systems of houses in the Arctic work and why suddenly there is a "transfer" of Asc and Dsc. Understand these issues will help MundoScope. On this, the possibilities of the astrological program MundoScope are not limited. This program is part of the Galaxy Astrology Tools .

MundoScope allows you to make space-time travel in a dizzying four-dimensional space (do not forget about the time coordinate). It is very unusual to see natal charts in this form, but this program does not replace the usual types of astrological charts, not taking into account the ecliptic and equatorial latitudes, as well as the height of the objects. The program will allow to see the position of objects in space, to become more acquainted with the mundane aspects and to see the real position of the chart objects in astrological houses. Perhaps, it will cause many astrologers to look at the chart in a different way and get a deeper understanding of its essence.

Astrological program MundoScope is not only contemplative, but also educational goals, allowing astrologers to understand the essence of coordinate systems, see the principles of their construction and visually see the world.

And finally, why MundoScope? Yes, because "Mundos" is the world and "mundane aspects" these are aspects between the real positions of the planets, taking into account their ecliptic latitudes, which, as is well known, are not used in astrology on the ecliptic plane, because practically all planets have latitudes within 3 °, excluding Mercury and Pluto, which "depart" from the ecliptic plane approximately at 7 ° and 17 ° degrees respectively. And this is essential. Well, "scope" is a sphere of activity, an outlook, scope, etc. Therefore, this program is intended, first of all, for those who do not stop there, wants to learn and understand more and more deeply. And, first of all, for students of astrological educational institutions. I'm not talking about teachers, who simply need to know these kinds of questions.

MundoScope Travel Guide

MundoScope, as I said, an unusual program. It will literally embolden many people. The fact is that the chart in the program is not static. It can be rotated by shifting the position of the view camera in the form of tilt and rotation in a horizontal coordinate system and thereby change its position in space. I'm not talking about that, that few people saw the 3D representation of the astrological chart, since at present it is still exotic.

Astrology software, despite the fact that it operates with 3D-chart is quite simple to learn and will be useful, first of all, teachers and students of astrology schools, who study astronomy for astrologers. And like many astrological Galaxy programs, MundoScope accurately has a uranium character.

Unique Features of MundoScope