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The site is dedicated to the astrology programs and astrological exchange CALIF format, which are closely linked to astrology. The site birth was officially registered by the registrar of domain names on the 31st of December 2015 at 15:01. The registrar is located in Moscow, and the site “lives” in St. Petersburg.

Astrology program is a computer program that an astrologer uses in his work. As any program, the astrology program is designed to facilitate the astrologer’s work by doing some routine actions. Thereby it saves time and allows to concentrate on the core tasks: analysis of the charts and events, synastry analysis (ie, compatibility), and in our experience not only marriage, but partnership, consideration of horary charts, forecasting, etc.

Can I download an astrology program free of charge? For sure. Surfing the Internet you can find a lot of things, including a large number of free and paid astrology programs, good and not good that not only create the charts, but even predict something. Some programs claim to be professional and even unique in its kind. That is true as you can find dozens of really high-quality and professional astrology programs among a large number of software. But how do you know which one is really good and worthy of attention among many other programs? Of course, even a venerable astrologer can not answer such questions, not to mention beginners. And all because there are quite a number of astrological schools. And each school is something different from each other. And each school has its own characteristics and preferences, their techniques and unique astrological tools.

Good astrology program: what is it? What distinguishes good software from bad one? A good program can only be done when the programmer is equally well versed in both astrology and programming. There are no many such experts in the world. But even if a person is good in two areas, not the fact that a great astrology program will come from his pen. It would be nice to have one more component: some insight, inventiveness that ultimately gives what is called the "know how". And it allows the program to get the unique features that easy to distinguish it from the other program in the best sense of the word.

Free astrology program: is it good? This question cannot be answered unequivocally, because there are free programs where ideas multiply like mushrooms. It is quite possible to accept some flaws or features inherent in such a program. What helps to support these programs? Enthusiasm as one comedian said, brass pipes (Russian proverb: pass through brass pipes means to resist the temptation of fame and flattery) and youth of the program itself. And how long can this program be free? The fact is the astrology program is realization of various techniques, including copyright. Can they be free? I assume a positive response. But, I think, not all and not often. And I remember one funny story about the catering, when consumers are offered to pick any two: fast, good or cheap. We are trying to combine incompatible for our whole life. And every time we are faced a choice and start thinking. Exactly such a situation is in the area of astrological software.

To buy or not to buy: that is the question from the time of Shakespeare. Free: they are dozens. Paid: they are pricey. And we guess why it is pricey but persistently do not want to make a decision and lean toward spending money. For example, I buy only those programs which I cannot do without. But to understand that "I cannot live without them", you need to feel them, to see how they work, or at the very least, look at their work from the outside.

Galaxy - Astrological Tools: this is both a site and astrological software package, because this site was created to support and promote the set of astrological programs included into this astrological package. Astrology programs named Galaxy is my inspiration and my 'know how' in the area of astrology, my experience of astrological consultations, and my desire to save time on the routine work and devote extra time to my querents. I hope everyone can appreciate these astrology programs. So, I present to your attention the astrology programs included in Galaxy - Astrological Tools astrological software package.

Yours faithfully, Igor (TomCat) Germánenko.