List of books on the subject Astrological program

Here is a list of references related to the theme of astrological software. Citations sources I deliberately do not give as their situation may change, and the titles - never. So just copy the desired name and search the Internet. The main thing - to know what to look for

Vorontsov-Velyaminov B.A. Essays about the universe, M .: Nauka, 1976
All of the planets and constellations, St.Petersburg, SZKEO Ltd, 2007
Gurshteyn A.A. Eternal mysteries of heaven, M.: Prosveshenie, 1973
Siegel F.Y. Treasures of the starry sky. Guide to the stars, M.: Nauka, 1980
K.Ullerih, Night at the telescope. Guide to the starry sky, M.: Mir, 1966
Kashchenko B. Play and read, M, 1981
Klimishin I.A. Calendar and Chronology, M.: Nauka, 1985
Komarov V.N. New amusing astronomy, M.: Nauka, 1983
Levitan E.P. Kids about the stars and planets, Pedagogika, 1986
A. Mikhailov Atlas of the starry sky, M.: Nauka, 1978
Montenbruk Oliver, Thomas Pfleger, Astronomy with a PC, M.: Mir, 1993
Hrenov LS Golub I.J. Time and Calendar, M.: Nauka, 1989
Tsesevich V.P. What and how to observe the sky, M .: Nauka, 1984
Shishakov V.A. The sky and celestial phenomena, M, 1940
edited D.Y. Martynov Stars and star systems, M.: Nauka, 1981
Jean Meeus. Astronomical Algorithms, Willmann-Bell Inc, 1991
Jean Meeus. Astronomical Formulae for Calculators, 1988
Jean Meeus. Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, Willmann-Bell Inc, 1997
Oliver Montenbruck, Thomas Pfleger. Astronomy on the Personal Computer
Peter Duffett-Smith. Practical astronomy with your calculator
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