List of astrological education institutions collaborating on the Galaxy Program

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Saint-Petersburg Institute of Astrology Saint-Petersburg Institute of Astrology (Astrology Institute of St.Petersburg) was founded on February 12, 2003
Institute motto: "Astrology - Your key to the knowledge of the world."
Conducts training of qualified specialists in the field of astrology. The basis of the training on the principles of classical (Western) astrology and modern methods,developed by the Institute of teachers.
We offer full-time and correspondence forms of training:
  • Full-time - this is a classic method of teaching, which involves direct attendance of lectures and training seminars. It is divided into two parts: a basic course (4 semesters) and an in-depth (upper 5 and 6 semesters).
  • Part-time - suggests an independent training provided materials (lectures to your mp3-file format and teaching materials), test results (examinations) is done via e-mail. This form is suitable for everyone who can not attend in person.
St. Petersburg Institute of Astrology is the developer of professional astrological program SkyWorker.
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